Beginning in 1992, the Middle Tennessee Ohio State Alumni Club has each year awarded scholarship assistance to Ohio State freshmen from Middle Tennessee. The first awards were quite modest and provided a first-year payment of $300 to one entering freshman each fall. We have since worked with the Alumni Association and the University Development Office to greatly expand the club’s scholarship program.

Scholarship Award Procedures and Administration

In order to be considered for Alumni Club and all other OSU scholarships, it is important for high school seniors to apply for Admission to the university as early as possible in the fall. In January, the University sends the Alumni Club a list of Middle Tennessee kids who have been accepted by The Ohio State University Admissions office. Our Scholarship Committee sends an Alumni Club Scholarship application to each prospect. These are completed by the students and turned in to their guidance counselors before the date in Section III on the application. The counselors submit the applications to the Scholarship Committee along with official high school grade transcripts, ACT scores, and letters of commendation from guidance counselors or teachers. Each applicant is also interviewed by phone. Then the scholarship committee meets to discuss and rank the applications. The committee sends a ranked list of applicants to the Ohio State Alumni Association which forwards it to The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid. The Financial Aid Office makes the final award decisions in combination with any other financial awards the student may receive. It then notifies the students by posting all awards to the recipients’ Buckeye Link accounts.

The Stockwell Scholarship (See below) goes to the first applicant on the ranked list. One or more Middle Tennessee Scholarships (See below) go to the other ranked applicants in sequence. All disbursement of funds to the student’s account and monitoring of satisfactory academic performance are administered by the University.

The Lynne Murray Stockwell Scholarship (Fund 646980)

The Lynne Murray Stockwell Memorial Endowed Fund was established at the Ohio State University Development Office in May 2004 with gifts from the Murray and Stockwell family members, friends of Lynne Murray Stockwell, and from the Middle Tennessee Ohio State Alumni Club. The sole purpose of this fund is to provide merit-based scholarships to deserving freshmen students graduating from Middle Tennessee high schools in the top 25% of their class. The $1,500 per-year scholarship is awarded to a freshman each year and is renewable for three additional years if the student maintains good grades and remains in good standing with the university.

The first Stockwell award of $1000 was made for fall, 2004. As the endowment has grown the fund has been able to increase the dollar amount of the award. Beginning in 2015, the fund provides the $6,000 needed each year to fund the four revolving scholarships. The Lynne Murray Stockwell Endowed Scholarship goes to the top-ranked applicant on the list 

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The Middle Tennessee Scholarship (Fund 315097)

One or more Middle Tennessee Club Scholarship Awards are made each fall. The award is completely funded by the Middle Tennessee Ohio State Alumni Club. The award is $1,000 for the freshman year.

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Scholarship Funding Sources

  • Member donations to the club for one or both scholarships
  • donations directly to the Ohio State Development Office designated for the Stockwell Fund #646980 or the Freshman Fund #315097
  • Club member dues received (80-90% of dues received each year go to the scholarship funds)
  • Weekly sale or drawings during game watches for the club’s two season football tickets. Past club donations to Ohio State has accredited the club as a President Club Member eligible to buy two season tickets each year
  • Other silent auctions and sale of donated items during game watches

How to donate to the Club’s Scholarship Program

You can send a donation to either the Ohio State Development office, or send a check to our local club. The Ohio State Alumni Club of Middle Tennessee is a tax exempt, nonprofit corporation so your gifts are tax deductible.

Ohio State Development Office Ohio State Club
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The Ohio State Club of Middle Tennessee
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