License Plate

Final license plate design is not yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registration and Ohio State Trademark & Licensing.

The Middle Tennessee Ohio State Club is sponsoring the Ohio State license plate here in Tennessee to promote The Ohio State University, and to display our Buckeye pride each and every day.  The Tennessee Legislature has authorized the Tennessee Ohio State Clubs to pre-sell and pay for 1,000 plates state-wide.

When that work is completed, the new Ohio State plate will go into production. The plate adds $35 per year to your annual registration fee, and $15.38 of that goes directly to Ohio State as scholarship money that is available to all Tennessee high school graduates.

Phase 1 – Sign-Up Online

To reach the 1,000 Buckeye sign-up level, all Tennessee Ohio State Clubs and the many independent Game-Watch groups around the state are going to have to make a joint Buckeye maximum effort.

When you Sign-Up, you are making a Buckeye Pledge to buy the Ohio State license plate when the time comes.  You don’t need to tell us the type of plates or what you want on it – just the total number of plates you intend to buy.  We are counting on every Buckeye state-wide to make this work.

Remember, you can also give the Ohio State license plate as a gift.  When you Sign-Up for the plates, just indicate that some of the Ohio State plates you are ordering will be gifts.  After you pay, we will know to contact you for your gifting details.

Sign up now!

Phase 2 – Pay for the first 1,000 Plates

Once we have collected 1,000 Buckeye Pledges for the new Ohio State license plate, we will then accept online payments for the number of plates you want – $35 per plate.  The paid quantity can be different than what you Pledged, but we are counting on you for your Pledged number.  You will then make a single payment for all of the plates you ordered.

You cannot order or pay for a personalized plate (SHOE, OSU45,OHST8, etc) during the first 1,000 plates campaign.  Once the Ohio State plate is in production, you can then order a personalized plate directly from Tennessee Titles and Registration.

If you don’t use email, or if you don’t make payments on the web, ask a Buckeye friend to register you and to make the payment for you when that time comes.  That will save us many volunteer hours.

The time-stamp on your actual payment will establish your place in line for your license plate number(s).   The sooner you pay, the lower your plate number.  If you pay for two or more plates, they will be sequentially numbered.

In most Tennessee counties, your annual vehicle registration renewal is roughly $50 or a bit more.  The Ohio State plate will add $35 per year to that.

Once we collect the $35,000 for the 1,000 plates, we will write one check to the Tennessee Department of Revenue and submit the sequenced Paid Sign-Up list.  We will also submit the final plate design shortly there after.

For questions, please contact The Ohio State University Alumni Association at  800-762-5646.