License Plate

Calling all Tennessee Buckeyes! It’s time to pay for your Ohio State license plate.

In the next week or so, you will get an email detailing when and where you can prepay for your Tennessee Ohio State license plate(s).

We need to collect 1,000 plate payments before design and production can begin.  If we can get all of the Buckeyes who registered for the plate (plus a few friends) to quickly pay, we may have the plate approved, road tested and on our vehicles during the 2019 season.  That production phase will take roughly three or four months.  You will have one year to pick up your plate at your county office.


All payments will be online only.  The timestamp on your actual payment will establish your sequence in the assignment of plate numbers (0001 to 1000).  The earlier you pay, the lower your number.

After the Tennessee Titles & Registration Department “officially releases” the Ohio State plate to the public, you may place an online order for a personalized plate.

Buckeyes who have pre-registered for the plate will receive their notice to pay 24 hours early.  If you are not already registered, you still have time.

Sign up now!

The Ohio State plate will add $35 to your annual renewal fee.  A personalized plate adds another $35 to your annual fee.

The Nashville Alumni Club is leading this project, but all Tennessee Buckeyes, alumni or not, are invited and encouraged to buy the Ohio State plate.  Remember, all future Ohio State students from Tennessee will benefit.  Help us by purchasing today.

The new license plate gives you a convenient and simple way to regularly contribute directly to a scholarship fund for Ohio State students from Tennessee. We project that once the Ohio State plate is well established on the road, it will annually generate over $30,000 in scholarship funds.

Every plate sold or renewed in the coming years will send another $15.38 directly to the Tennessee License Plate Scholarship Fund at the university.  This scholarship money is available to all Tennessee high school graduates planning to attend Ohio State.

Please spread the word to all your Buckeye friends about this project.